Experiment_20_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part II

Experiment_20_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part II -...

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20 1 Experiment 20 The Split-Phase inductor Motor - Part II OBJECTIVE To learn the basic motor wiring connections. To observe the starting and running operation of the split-phase motor. DISCUSSION When power is applied to a split-phase induction motor, both the running (main) and the starting (auxiliary) windings draw from 4 to 5 times their normal full load current. This means that the heat loss in these windings is from 16 to 25 times higher than normal. As a result, the starting period must be kept short to prevent overheating of the windings. The high starting currents also produce a proportionally high current in the squirrel-cage rotor, so that the entire motor heats up very quickly during start-up. The smaller diameter wire employed in the auxiliary winding of split-phase motors is particularly susceptible to overheating and will bum out if it is not disconnected from the power line within 4 to 6 seconds. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED Power supply, AC Voltmeter, Capacitor-Start Motor, and Tachometer PROCEDURE CAUTION! High voltages are present in this Experiment. Do not make or modify any connections with the power on! The power should be turned off after completing each individual measurement!
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20 2 The grading in this section is 1 point for each correct answer. 1. Your power supply must be adjusted for an output of 100 V AC to perform the procedures in this Experiment. a.
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Experiment_20_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part II -...

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