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Webpage intro (4) - nd HOME WORKS SHOULD BE DROPPED AND...

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EEE 360 Webpage for Dr. Ravi Gorur (FALL 2011) All important announcements will appear on this page Acceptable ways of greeting by email/phone or during class: Dr. Gorur/Prof. Gorur Office: ERC 515 Phone: (480) 965-4894 email: [email protected] Office Hours: 9-10 AM M-F OTHER TIMES: OPEN DOOR POLICY Teaching assistants: Kushal Dave (email: [email protected] ) Mohammad Al-Muhaini (email: [email protected] ) GRADER: TBA LABORATORY CLASSES WILL START MONDAY, AUG 22
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Unformatted text preview: nd HOME WORKS SHOULD BE DROPPED AND PICKED UP FROM BOX OUTSIDE MY OFFICE. PLEASE PICK THEM UP PROMPTLY GRADING INFORMATION: All assignments (Quizzes, tests and finals) are CLOSED BOOK, CLOSED NOTES Letter Grades (A, B, C, D, E) will be given. Homeworks: 7% Quiz 1: 5% (30 min duration) Quiz 2: 5% (30 min duration) Test 1: 20% (full class duration) Test 2: 18% (full class duration) Laboratory: 20% Final Exam: 25%...
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