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Conference notes - Conference 2: Early Developers Berman...

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Unformatted text preview: Conference 2: Early Developers Berman Law and Revolution (69)- economic factors, political, social factors - economic- agricultural rise of cities- socially increase in social mobility rise of cities- politically- neighboring villages being annexed into already existing cities and protostates rise of cities- believes legal and religious consciousness are most important factors- cities wouldnt have emerged the way they did w/o this o these cities had desire to be self-governing come together in communes to work together and govern over themselves first legal foundation (needed a legal document) o bound the laws in system they had come up with with a religious oath o Islamic states didnt have these, couldnt become self-governing o Its because of independent character and fact that a lot of these communes wanted to be self-governing developmentcould this rly be a hindrance? Eventually couldnt form umbrella state? Italy went from being one of the most powerful countries to nothing by the I.REV Sabetti- Local Roots of Constitutionalism (93)-- local community rather than national/intl community are starting point of constitutionalism...
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Conference notes - Conference 2: Early Developers Berman...

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