my cpack notes- a d t and econ

my cpack notes- a d t and econ - Alexis de Tocquevilles The...

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Alexis de Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the French Revolution - born to a noble family in 1805; French by birth, moved to America Appendix: The pays d’etats, with special reference to Languedoc “estates”- in most FR provinces; administered under royal gov’t by “men of the three estates” a.k.a an assembly composed o freps of the clergy, nobility, and commons - lasted in some places until the 17 th and 18 th c. - kings and princes attacked them instead of trying to modernize them 1789- estates only in five fairly large provinces in france - two provincial self-gov’ts- Brittany and Languedoc - estates everywhere else but not the same as before, became ineffectual and inert Languedoc: - 2k+ townships (“communities”), 2mill+ population, largest and most well- organized and prosperous of all plays d’etats - estates only could meet under orders from king and a writ of summons was addressed by him to each of the persons who were to sit in the assembly - king fixed opening date and termination of each session - king represented in assembly by commissioners, who were always given admission to its sittings when they so desired and whose function it was to make known to the assembly in session the wishes of the gov’t - estates couldn’t pass a resolution of importance, enact any measure touching on finance w/o authorization from council -
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my cpack notes- a d t and econ - Alexis de Tocquevilles The...

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