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poli midterm - 8 Methods of comparative analysis Part...

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MCGILL UNIVERSITY Department of Political Science Political Science 211 First In-class Midterm Exam Sep. 27, 2010, 6:15-7:30 pm Leacock 132 Please follow instructions for each part. You may write the exam in either English or French. Each part is of equal weight, so organize your time and responses accordingly. PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY . PUT THE NAME OF YOUR TEACHING ASSISTANT ON THE COVER OF THE EXAM BOOKLETS. Part One (50%). I dentify, and discuss the importance for comparative analysis of five (5) items below. Please indicate by number the items you choose. 1. Goods 2. “the Irish Question” 3. The British Electoral System 4. Pirate Democracy 5. Causal Analysis 6. Westminster model 7. Community of understanding (of a governance regime)
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Methods of comparative analysis Part Two (50%) . Answer one question. In your answer, please be sure to provide empirical illustrations and examples. 9. What is the significance of Venice for understanding long-enduring forms of governance? 10. Why have some British governments sought to cut down the “welfare state” – the program of state-provided social benefits introduced in 1945-1951? Which governments, exactly, and why? Why has the welfare state become contentious? 11. What justifications can be given for treating medieval communes as “the first early developers” in Western Europe?...
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