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Pullan - Venice - The Significance of Venice- in the growth...

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The Significance of Venice- in the growth of nation states. The longest lived sel- constituted republic. Leading center for European diplomacy and commercial activity. In the context of 17 th century Europe ( aka the century of revolution) the maintenance of stability requires much explanation What definitive statements are there about the causes and motives of stability in early modern Europe? Pp.103 How did people think that the government could stave off civil strife and what models did the practical theorist hold up for imitation One particular model of political and social stability flourished during the 16 th and 17 th centuries-The Republic of Venice. Ruled two empires to the west and east, one maritime one territorial. Venice withstood the assaults of would be conquerors, prevented domestic conspiracy, deflected the weapons of interdict ad excommunication from the pope, forestalled domestic protest against the regime without making concessions to the people at large. Governed by sharply defined knot of families whose authority was not seriously challenged until napoleon came along. Full citizenship in Venice=status of noblemen=right to take a formal part of the acclaiming decisions with implications for the ppl in the two empire, only ppl with hereditary right could enter the great council. This form of political system greatly differed from the spectacular inflations of honour in England, Castile or France. In the 16 th and 17 th century there was very little attempt to rock the foundations of authorities or challenge the axioms on which it rested. Venice contained much less law and order than English society, and knew no equivalent to the ritualized and licensed violence of the shop boys who roamed the streets. In 1494 during the invasions of Italy, the league of Cambrai ( the great powers of Europe) hated a plot to wipe Venice’s mainland empire from the map BUT the republic survived and in the 17 th century Venice was the only Italian power apart from the papacy to retain unimpaired both its independence and its ancient character without becoming a satellite of either France or Spain. Venice was caught in the path of 3 great powers the Hapsburgs, the papacy and
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Pullan - Venice - The Significance of Venice- in the growth...

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