Handelman chapter 7

Handelman chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Rapid urbanization and the...

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Chapter 7: Rapid urbanization and the politics of the urban poor Phenomena of the third world: dramatic tides of human migration. They flee from civil war, famine, or just seek new opportunities. In China, migrant settle with no insurance of permanence, they are called China’s “floating population”, whereas in Latin America, migrants tend to settle permanently. These people are sometimes inhabitants of the country (“internal migration”) or have crossed borders during their rural exodus. Natural population growth also plays an important role in the growth of urbanization. Recent UN study projects that the world population of towns and cities will surpass the rural population for the first time in 2008. Two main reasons for growth of population in urban areas: natural increases and rural-to-urban migration Latin America is far more urbanized (with 80% urbanization) but has a slow growing rate, whereas Asian countries have a 40% urbanization, which means that there are still a lot of people in the countryside who might migrate to the cities. Table 7.1 urbanization in developed countries 2005: 75%, 2030: 82%. Urbanization in developing countries 2005: 43%, 2030: 57%. Political consequences of urban growth Massive population shifts such as these obviously pose especially daunting challenges to urban housing, sanitation, education, and transportation needs. How can the government of a poor country provide all of these services to the massive incoming population and also protect them from crime. Could that possibly create political instability? The Struggle for Employment European urbanization accompanied by industrialization (not too many problems for jobs in developed world). However, in LDCs nowadays, economic issues offer little possibility of work.
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Handelman chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Rapid urbanization and the...

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