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Hobbes.1-2 - Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Author‘s Intro L6 11...

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Unformatted text preview: - Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan: Author‘s Intro, L6, 11. Questions: General: 1. What is the historical background to the Leviathan? 2. What is the theoreticai background to the Leviathan? Author's Introduction: Chapter 1: 1. What is the source of all knowledge? 2. What is the cause of our sensations? 3. How is this different from Aristotelian science? Chapter 2: is he concerned with this issue at all? Chapter 3: 1. How does Hobbes distinguish between the 2 different 'Tra ynes of thought’? 2. What does Hobbes mean by Prudence? Chapter 4: 1. What are the uses of speech? 2. What does Hobbes mean by truth and falsity? 3. What is the true science of mankind and what is its method? Chapter 5: 1. What does Hobbes mean by ’Right Reason' and why is it necessary? 2. How have previous thinkers been led into absurdity? 3. What is the difference between Reason/ Science and Prudence? Chapter 6: 1. What is the standard of Good and Evil for Hobbes? 2. What does Hobbes mean by Liberty and Will? Chapter II: 1. How does Hobbes describe human happiness and felicity? 2. Why, according to Hobbes, do all men desire "power after power'? 3. What passions incline men to war? And to peace? ...
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