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s.s part 2 - Liberalism and Enlightenment(Mill vs Marx vs...

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- is there progress in history? o Marx: Eventually modes of production (technology) outpace relations of production (division of labor, private property) Communism=abolition of relations of production=progress Transition from capitalism to communism=end of history, beginning of creativity New modes unleash creativity of other 9/10ths of population to innovate changes in human possibility, nature, etc Proletariat revolution=progress Yes, history moves according to impersonal forces like the economy and should be understood as the realigning of classes during changing means of production Development of technology; modern development of industry increased # of proletarians State control of basically every aspect of society Abolition of class antagonism and private property o Freud: Disagrees will Mill and Marx’s notions of progress; progress=illusion of history Drive for pleasure after pleasure=progress Overcoming death drive=civilized Technology = devices for mastering nature= civilization/progress Love and necessity=parents of civilization Unhappiness drives progress because we are continually trying to become happy (repression) Acting out aggression Organizing into civil society to escape suffering (only to inflict it back upon ourselves) Placing rule rule of law above individual instincts=evolution of civilization + libidinal development character formation (identity acquisition), sublimation (channeling energy into other activities), and non-satisfaction/renunciation of instincts (burying aggression) Aggression, increasing sense of guilt, self-destruction=greatest impediments to society, death drive complicates goal of society which is to bind men together libidinally to one another into communities Progress= struggle b/w eros and death drive o Woolf: Women=men=freedom
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s.s part 2 - Liberalism and Enlightenment(Mill vs Marx vs...

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