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OTHER POSSIBLE SQL STATEMENTS FROM EXAMPLE TABLES Remember, case does not matter unless it is in “quotes”. 1. Create the Emergency_Number table CREATE TABLE Emergency_Number (Empnumber Integer Not Null Primary Key, Itemnum Integer Not Null Primary Key, Emername Text Not Null, Relation Text, PhoneNumber Text Not Null); Note: On a test or homework, I would count off if you forgot an attribute or put an attribute type that did not make sense. I would not count off for putting the wrong special words. 2. Remove the relation attribute from the Emergency_Number table. ALTER TABLE Emergency_Number DROP relation; 3. Delete the Emergency_Number table. DROP TABLE emergency_number; 4. Add a new Emergency_Number for Jim Smith, it is his Mother, Amy Smith, at phone number (336) 555-1357. INSERT INTO emergency_number (empnumber, itemnum, emername, relation, phonenumber) VALUES (1,3,”Amy Smith”,”Mother”,”(336_ 555-1357)”); 5. Change Cathy Jones phone number in the Emergency_Number table to (336) 555-1480. UPDATE emergency_number SET phonenumber = “(336) 555-1480”
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