Exam1Review - making it difficult to detect • Data can be...

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2/14/2010 1 Exam 1 Review COMP620 LACK Lost Audio Packets (LACK) hides data in intentionally delayed packets of an audio stream The standard action for delayed packets is to drop or ignore them Steganography data can be hidden in these packets Bandwidth for steganograms is low HICCUPS Hidden Communication System for Corrupted Networks (HICCUPS) hides data in packets that appear to be damaged and have a incorrect checksum Corrupted packets are dropped by the standard network system Bandwidth for steganograms is high Protocol Steganography Protocol Steganography hides data in unused fields of network packets The paper talked about IP packets, but there are opportunities to hide information at all protocol layers Moderate bandwidth for hidden data Steganography Discussion Ideas Use of steganography to detect government information leaks Streaming data is not stored on the receiver
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Unformatted text preview: making it difficult to detect • Data can be hidden in network protocol packets Test Topics • Encryption • Digital signatures • Steganography • Chaffing and winnowing • Stack overflow • Secure coding • Phishing 2/14/2010 2 Digital signatures Know • How they work • What security is provided • When to use them Stack Overflow • There is a stack overflow question on the test • It shows you a program and debug information • The question asks for the appropriate input to cause an exploit A good question • is related to important (not trivial) course material • asks the student to use their knowledge rather than just recite the lecture • can be answered by students in the class in a reasonable amount of time Your Questions • What do you think would be an appropriate question for the exam?...
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Exam1Review - making it difficult to detect • Data can be...

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