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ISA 662 Homework 1 Solution Textbook: Page 25 #1 and #2. 1. Classify each of the following as a violation of confidentiality, of integrity, of availability, or of some combination thereof. a. John copies Mary’s homework Confidentiality ( homework was exposed) b. Paul crashes Linda’s system. Availability (the system is down) c. Carol changes the amount of Angelo’s check from $100 to $1,000. Integrity (the amount of the check has changed ) d. Gina forges Roger’s signature on a deed. Integrity (source origin compromised) e. Rhonda registers the domain name “AddisonWesley.com” and refuses to let the publishing house buy or use that domain name Availability Integrity (users may believe Rhonda’s site is the legitimate site) f. Jonah obtains Peter’s credit card number and has the credit card company cancel the card and replace it with another card bearing a different account number. Confidentiality (Jonah obtained Peter’s private cc number), integrity (Jonah acted as Peter to cancel the card, and cc number has changed) availability (Peter will no longer have access to his card) g. Henry spoofs Julie’s IP address to gain access to her computer Integrity (Henry acting as Julie) Confidentiality (Henry access Julie’s data ) 2. Identify mechanisms for implementing the following. State what policy or policies they might be enforcing. a. A password changing program will reject passwords that are less than five characters long or that are found in the dictionary. Mechanisms –An operating system password program can be used to enforce a password policy by requiring passwords of a minimum length. Policy – Passwords should be greater than 5 characters long and should not be found in the dictionary b. Only students in a computer science class will be given accounts on the department’s computer system. Mechanism –The network administrator will create student accounts from the class roster
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hw1solution - ISA 662 Homework 1 Solution Textbook Page...

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