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INEN625 Information Systems – Test 3 Study Guide In preparing for the test, I suggest you be able to do the following (note requirements for grad students in italics). You may have two sheets (back and front) either written or typed by YOU! Percentages shown are within 5% of actual. Information System Introduction (5%) 1. Define information , knowledge, and wisdom . 2. Compare and contrast data orientation and process orientation. Data Modeling (15%) 1. Define entity, attribute, cardinality, primary key, and table. 2. List the steps in building a data model. 3. Interpret the cardinality of a relationship between two entities. Resolve poorly defined entity relationships. 4. Recognize table that violates first normal form and place into first normal form. 5. Recognize table that violates second normal form using dependency diagrams and place into second normal form. 6. Recognize table that violates third normal form using dependency diagrams and place into third normal form. 7.
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