INEN625G Homework 4 2010

INEN625G Homework 4 2010 - The process should include(but...

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INEN625 Information Systems Homework 4 Due 3/26/10 5PM Graduate Consider the following data model for an ATM that only allows cash withdrawal. 1. For the table above, construct the SQL statements to: a. Create the CashwithdrawalLog table. b. Add new customer Rob Smith to the database with PIN 1234. c. For each customer, give the first and last name along with the sum amount available across all accounts. d. Update the amount in account 4567 given a deposit of $200. e. Generate a list of all withdrawals by customer 123. 2. Construct a process model – either DFD or IDEF0 of the cash withdrawal process.
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Unformatted text preview: The process should include (but may not be limited to) receiving customer ID from bank card, checking PIN, allowing account selection, getting desired withdrawal amount, checking availability, dispensing cash or insufficient funds notice, dispensing receipt and updating the transaction log and account balance. Be sure to include a node tree and context diagram. Construct the associated SQL statement for each time the process would have to interact with the database. Extra credit: Do both an IDEF0 and DFD diagram....
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INEN625G Homework 4 2010 - The process should include(but...

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