INEN625G Homework 2 2010

INEN625G Homework 2 2010 - $180,000 E $200,000 $90,000 2....

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INEN625 Graduate Homework 2 Due 2/10/10 Answer the following questions using your own words . Submit one typed copy for your project group. All members who contribute should sign the cover page. 1. Consider five projects that may be undertaken. Projects A and C are mutually exclusive. If projects B and C are correlated and if both done together will result in a total NPV increase of $80,000. Determine the optimal set of projects if only $2,000,000 is available in capital. Prove your solution. Project Project Cost Net Present Value A $1,000,000 $200,000 B $500,000 $120,000 C $800,000 $180,000 D $900,000
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Unformatted text preview: $180,000 E $200,000 $90,000 2. Describe why Information Systems present a challenge in terms of economic justification. List ways you might overcome this challenge. Use at least three external references. 3. Describe why a data-orientation might be preferred over a process-orientation in information systems design. Is this preference intuitive why or why not? 4. List the various methods one might collect data to determine information system requirements. For each method define the method and describe its associated advantages and disadvantages....
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