7 Declaration (IV,3) concerning Expanding Bullets

7 Declaration (IV,3) concerning Expanding Bullets -...

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Declaration (IV,3) concerning Expanding Bullets. The Hague, 29 July 1899. State parties (31) General title: First Peace Conference of The Hague, 1899. Forum of adoption: International Peace Conference 1899 Entry into force: 04.09.1900 Like the Declaration of Saint Petersburg of 1868, the Hague Declaration (IV,3) of 1899 gives expression, with regard to a particular bullet, to the customary rule prohibiting the use of weapons which inflict unnecessarily cruel wounds. The Declaration is aimed at the Dum-Dum bullet which is so called after the arsenal near Calcutta where the bullet was first made. Meetings of forum: 18.05.1899 - 29.07.1899, The Hague Date of adoption: 29.07.1899 Depositary: Netherlands Authentic text: French SourceD.Schindler and J.Toman, The Laws of Armed Conflicts, Martinus Nihjoff Publisher, 1988, pp.109-110. The undersigned, Plenipotentiaries of the Powers represented at the International Peace Conference at The Hague, duly authorized to that effect by their Governments, inspired by the sentiments which found expression in the Declaration of St. Petersburg of 29 November (11 December) 1868, Declare as follows: The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in
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7 Declaration (IV,3) concerning Expanding Bullets -...

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