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GSTR 410 – International Criminal Law Fall 2011 ICC INDICTMENT ASSIGNMENT SHEET Due Date : Presentation = during last two class periods, as assigned. Indictment = five days prior to assigned presentation date (submit by email) Project Assignment : As part of your prosecution team, investigate, research, and write up an indictment under the ICC Statute of any person who has not yet been indicted by the ICC, but whose past actions constitute violations of that statute. Your final product will consist of two parts: (1) an accurate indictment document meeting the requirements and standards of the ICC Statute; and, (2) a group presentation of that document by the prosecution team before a panel (consisting of your fellow classmates and the instructor) that will apply the ICC Statute and decide whether to issue the indictment. For purposes of choosing a person to indict, you may assume that all nation-state members of the United Nations have fully ratified and/or acceded to the ICC Statute. In addition
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410_ICC_Indictment_Assign_11-1 - GSTR 410 International...

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