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Title: Sudan Divestment Movement Gains on Campuses. By: Strout, Erin, Chronicle of Higher Education, 00095982, 6/30/2006, Vol. 52, Issue 43 Database: Academic Search Premier Sudan Divestment Movement Gains on Campuses Spurred by student activism, more colleges change investment policies to protest genocide in Darfur THE LIST of colleges that have decided to use their investments to protest the genocide taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan got longer last week, and experts predict that the tally will continue to grow. The University of Pennsylvania became the latest institution to adjust its investment policy, spurred by a yearlong national student movement. Experts say higher education has not seen activism of this kind since nearly 20 years ago, when colleges pulled their investments from companies with ties to South Africa, when that country was enforcing apartheid. Now the atrocities in Darfur have prompted similar divestments in companies that do business with the Sudanese government, which is accused of sponsoring militias that have killed, raped, and abused thousands of non-Arabs living in the region. Penn's decision was preceded this month by similar announcements by Princeton University and Williams College, both of which decided to refrain from investing in certain companies that do business in Sudan. Every institution that has announced such plans has made it clear that divestment is not a tactic that will be used lightly. Indeed, strong evidence suggests that divestment--and socially responsible investing in general--is far from a growing trend for higher-education money managers, whose primary goal is to look for the best returns. According to an annual survey of college endowments by the National Association of College and University Business Officers,
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SudanDivestment.Strout - Title: Sudan Divestment Movement...

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