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theEndofTheAffair.McClearin - Title The end of the affair...

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Title: The end of the affair. By: McClearn, Matthew, Canadian Business, 00083100, 9/25/2006, Vol. 79, Issue 19 Database: Academic Search Premier The end of the affair Section: Up front ENERGY Talisman Energy Inc. closed the final chapter on its adventure in war-torn Sudan this month, when an American judge dismissed a human-rights lawsuit against it. The Calgary-based oil company entered Sudan in 1998, when it bought Arakis Energy Corp., whose sole asset was 25% ownership in a consortium, the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company Ltd. (GNOPC), pumping oil and building a pipeline across the country. It was a time of hope: the government in Khartoum had signed a peace agreement with rebel groups the previous year. Hostilities subsequently resumed, however, and rebel groups attacked GNPOC's property. Critics alleged oil revenues to the government helped fuel this conflict, so Talisman's involvement came under fire. Talisman sold its stake to an Indian company in 2003 — but not before being accused of some of the gravest of crimes. In 2001, a group of non-Muslim Africans and several Christian groups
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