InternshipPresentation - Good evening, my name is L E. I am...

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Good evening, my name is L E. I am a senior Business Admin major with a concentration in Management. This summer I interned with Superior Demolition, Inc. in Lex as their Bookkeeper. The opportunity for this internship arose because the woman who usually does the bookkeeping left for a summer long trip to Mozambique and Israel. I began working before the spring semester was over so that I could complete my training before she left in May. The office staff was very small- Linda Miller, the executive assistant, and I were the only regular office positions, and three others came in occasionally, although Faye the CEO was in almost every day during the middle part of the summer. Although this chart may look simple, I was really an assistant to the CEO, assistant to the president, assistant to the vice president, payroll clerk, and an administrative assistant. I worked for everyone and at times had to negotiate conflicting assignments from different people. Part of the reason for this was that I was the only office staffer with a computer. Many times when I told people I was interning at a demolition company, they got really interested. I was far from the wrecking ball, though. Most of my job was doing paperwork. As Superior’s bookkeeper, my main tasks included: SLIDE, SLIDE: Completing weekly payroll checks for approximately 30 employees, while keeping track of their company loans and other deductions. This got tricky sometimes because depending on which jobs people worked on, they got different
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InternshipPresentation - Good evening, my name is L E. I am...

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