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quiz 4 Study Guide - Scheduling Forward/backward scheduling...

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Quiz 4 Review Capacity Planning Capacity expansion decisions, design capacity vs. effective capacity, capacity utilization, forecasting capacity requirements, economies & diseconomies of scale, breakeven for capacity decisions, large vs. small capacity increments, focused factory, decision trees and expected values , location factors, factor rating method , Inventory Management WIP, transportation inventory, hedging/speculative inventory, measure of customer service, inventory turnover calculation, EOQ inventory model, EOQ assumptions, ABC inventory model, order(setup) costs, holding costs, reorder point, EOQ and quantity discounts.
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Unformatted text preview: Scheduling Forward/backward scheduling, job lateness , job tardiness, sequencing jobs at a work center, priority rules, slack time, evaluating the scheduling system- performance measurement – makespan, job flow time, scheduling services, scheduling employees, developing a work schedule Problems included - facility location using factor loading , breakeven capacity , design/effective utilization capacity, total inventory costs , EOQ calculation, reorder point, inventory turnover, days/weeks supply, job sequencing using priority rules, job lateness/tardiness, employee scheduling...
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