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Work Helps Family - Work Conflicts with Family you miss an...

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EFFECTS AND INTERACTIONS The effect of work on family The effect of family on work The family-work interaction THE EFFECT OF WORK ON FAMILY Most I/O research is done from this perspective Overtime, pay cuts, expectations, work culture THE EFFECT OF FAMILY ON WORK Focuses on how particular aspects of the family effect work Marriage, divorce, children, elderly care FAMILY-WORK INTERACTION No direct causal relationship between work and family * Work Helps Family: the things you do at work help you with deal with personal and practical issues at home, and they make you a more interesting person at home.
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Unformatted text preview: * Work Conflicts with Family: you miss an important family event because of having to work late, and job worries distract you when you're at home. * Family Helps Work: talking with someone at home helps you deal with problems at work, and your home life helps you relax and feel ready for the next day's work. * Family Conflicts with Work: stress at home makes you irritable at work, and responsibilities at home reduce the effort you can devote to your job....
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