ttp.qqtp 1 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 1

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Unformatted text preview: LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 1 Theory-to-Practice 1. Description: I worked for a public relations department for three years. During this time, my manager, the head editor of our magazine, left and was replaced. Phyllis, my new supervisor, did not get along with another manager, Bob, in the office and spread rumors about Bob’s inadequacies to those working in both his department and hers. She would talk about his lack of knowledge and skills as well as her distaste for his personality. Soon her behavior worsened to include blatant favoritism towards certain lower level employees and spreading rumors about those she didn’t like. Within the first two to three months of her being on the job, many employees in the public relations department knew of her behavior towards those she didn’t like, but nothing of substance was done about to remedy it by upper management. 2. Reaction: My reaction to this was to be hugely frustrated because I watched her behavior negatively affect the entire department. There was a hole caused by the loss of leadership in the old supervisor, and it left many employees floundering. As a team- leader, I felt stressed to protect my team from the new, harsh leadership. I was shocked by Phyllis’ lack of professionalism and how she would talk to anyone about how she didn’t like others. For me as a young person, it was even more shocking to see someone in their mid-40s behaving this way. I felt that the department had hired the wrong person....
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This note was uploaded on 02/11/2012 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 210 taught by Professor Henning during the Fall '11 term at Berea.

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ttp.qqtp 1 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 1

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