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LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 3 Chapter 4 Theory-to-Practice 1. Description: I have applied for several jobs and been evaluated through performance tests several times. 2. Reaction: At first, I thought Laura’s behavior was humorous. I had never before had a photographer who so vehemently argued for more work. Soon, however, I dreaded the times when she came to my office with that signature look on her face. My supervisor thought it was wonderful that Laura wanted more work, and encouraged her in being enthusiastic. But soon even she saw that Laura’s attitude was out of hand. I felt disrespected by Laura’s nagging and reactions. However, I was also very aware of the fact that I still needed to support her development and growth as an employee. I had to be able to respect her and treat her fairly. When my instincts were to ignore her or even fire her, I knew that the best thing would be to carefully guide her in the right direction. I knew my bad impression of her at first could affect the way I treated her in comparison with the other photographers. With that in mind, I tried to not let this one area negatively affect my impressions of her overall. 3. Application Analysis: Reading chapter seven, I realized this is just one example of how my behavior fits the person perception theory (page 219-220). Until Laura came, I hadn’t given much thought towards the way I expected interpersonal communication and relations to play out in the office. But when her behavior bucked the system, I was, as Muchinsky says, “compelled to think more carefully to interpret the unusual information and reformulate [my] opinions of a person or group” (219). Her behavior helped me evaluate how I
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perceived different people in the office. I realized I had allowed some people to squeak
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ttp.qqtp 2 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr Henning TTP/QQTP 3...

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