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LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 3 Chapter 4 Theory-to-Practice 1. Description: I have applied for several jobs and been evaluated through performance tests several times. The job market in my hometown is pretty dry. I spent two months actively pursuing employment. During those two months I interviewed for a job at a hotel opening up. This was the most bizarre interview I have ever been a part of. The hotel was called great wolf lodge and the interview was an hour long process and included group and individual sessions. One employee gave an introduction to the company, its values and goals, and what jobs were open. There were several hundred people there and the atmosphere was competitive, even though the organizers tried to keep it fun and lighthearted. Everyone was contained in one large room, but there were room dividers for the individual interview portions. At random points, one of the many employees there would yell out, “we love Great Wolf Lodge!”, and everyone was required to howl. 2. Reaction: I went to this interview cold- I saw it in the newspaper and when I got there I realized this was not a typical interview. At first, I was turned off- I waited for my group to start and felt much more like a number than a person. However, I soon realized one of the key elements they were looking for in employees was personality. Beyond skills or experience, they wanted people who would fit into the culture and do it with a smile on their face. I caught on quick and howled happily along with the rest of the candidates (some of which weren’t so sure about the process). There were no written tests and the
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This note was uploaded on 02/11/2012 for the course PSYCHOLOGY 210 taught by Professor Henning during the Fall '11 term at Berea.

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ttp.qqtp 3 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP...

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