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LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 4 Chapter 5 Theory-to-Practice 1. Description: This summer I interned at a demolition company. At several points, we needed to hire additional labors to fill jobs. We’d put out ads in the unemployment office and craigslist. The way we advertised wasn’t racist, but the way people were hired was. I was the bookkeeper, so I sat in my back office most of the time, but I would help process applications (copying licenses, etc). A few times, I overheard discussions among the two other office workers about applicants ethnicities. Racial slurs were common and they alluded to all African-Americans being dishonest and all Hispanics being lecherous. They only ever hired one black man, out of maybe fifteen other hires who were Caucasian. It was obvious that racial profiling went into the application process. 2. Reaction: I started my internship pretty naïve about how some businesses actually operated in regards to hiring practices and racism involved. Coming from places where diversity had always been welcomed, I was shocked. I’ve never been exposed to blatant racial slurs, and I didn’t know how to respond other than to guide the conversation into a positive light. As for the actual hiring of people, I didn’t have a say in it and there wasn’t a formal system. The company was extremely set in their ways, and although I
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considered reporting them to the EEOC, I felt like that wouldn’t be the best solution to the problem. It was a really weird experience because the people were so nice and I think it would have been easier to understand if they were generally mean people. 3.
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ttp.qqtp 4 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr Henning TTP/QQTP 4...

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