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LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr. Henning TTP/QQTP 5 Chapter 6 Theory-to-Practice 1. Description: Several years ago, I worked as a loss prevention detective for Sears. Part of my job was looking for external shoplifters, but I also served as one of the company’s two safety officers. In the position, I was largely responsible for making sure employees were acting upon their training. The most difficult area to do this in was receiving. The crew (both male and female) that worked in the receiving bay were hard to convince that gloves and other “personal-protection-equipment”, or PPE, were important. They had several training sessions, both upon hiring and occasional updates throughout the year. Even so, I rarely saw most of them wearing gloves or back braces. I talked to my boss, Daniel, about it and he advised that we just keep mentioning it every time we walked through the back (which was usually several times during the day). The workers we had were too good and reliable to fire, but we needed to enforce the rules somehow. After a few weeks of constant hammering, they started putting gloves on without being pestered. 2. Reaction: In this situation, it seemed as though the follow-up was more important than the training. They understood the dangers of slicing their hand open, but they doubted it would happen. Even so, it was a company policy that needed to be enforced. I understood why they didn’t want to wear the awkward gloves. However, I also realized the danger to the workers and the risk to the company if they didn’t wear the required PPE. Even though I could empathize with them, I didn’t let their complaining stop me from enforcing the policies. I did wonder how we could train them to realize how important it was. Honestly, I’m not sure how many ways you can tell a person how dangerous box cutters are and how many ways there are to hurt yourself lifting heavy boxes. After a while, those warnings probably just flowed together.
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3. Application Analysis I don’t think the problem in this situation was with the workers’ ability to learn.
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ttp.qqtp 5 - LeAnna Easterday Psy 210 Dr Henning TTP/QQTP 5...

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