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ratios - Profitability Ratios Asset Turnover Ratio Net...

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Solvency Ratios: Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Qtr 5 Qtr 6 Qtr 7 Qtr 8 Qtr 9 Current Position Analysis: Working Capital, CA - CL $4,154,717 Current Ratio, CA / CL 2.16378627 Accounts Receivable Analysis: AR Turnover, Net Sales / Avg. AR Average Days' Sales in Receivables, 365 / AR Turnover Inventory Analysis: Inv. Turnover, COGS / Avg. Inv. # Days' Sales in Inventory, 365 / Inv. Turnover Other Solvency Ratios: Ratio of Fixed Assets to Long-Term Debt, FA (net) / LTD Debt to Equity Ratio, TL / TSE Times Interest Earned, Pretax Inc. + Int. Exp. / Int. Exp.
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Unformatted text preview: Profitability Ratios: Asset Turnover Ratio, Net Sales / Avg. TA (WO LTI) Return on Total Assets, NI + Int. Exp / Avg. Total Assets Return on Stockholders' Equity Net Income / Avg. Tot. SE Return on Common Equity, NI - Pref. Div. / Avg. Common Eq. Earnings Per Share (EPS), NI - Pref. Div. / Avg. shares OS Price Earnings (PE) ratio, Market Price / EPS Dividends Per Share (Common Stock), Total Dividends / # shares Dividend Yield, Div. per share / Mkt. Price per sh...
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