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Setup for 22-3A - $5.00 Direct Labor Hour requirements...

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Batting Football Total Helmet Helmet Sales Sales-Units 3,700 7,200 Price per unit $70 $142 Sales-Dollars $259,000 $1,022,400 $1,281,400 Inventories: Batting Football Finished Goods Inventory Helmet Helmet Beginning units 310 420 Cost per helmet beginning $33 $57 Ending units 290 520 Cost per helmet ending $34 $58 Plastic Foam Lining Beginning Materials 800 520 Ending Materials 1,240 450 Used in production per unit of output: Batting Helmet 1.20 0.50 Football Helmet 2.80 1.40 Cost per unit of inputs $7.50
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Unformatted text preview: $5.00 Direct Labor Hour requirements: Molding Assembly Batting Helmet 0.20 0.50 Football Helmet 0.30 0.65 Cost of DL per hour $15.00 $13.00 Estimeted Factory Overhead 173,700 Estimeted operating expenses 564,100 Other income and Expense (net) (2,900) Tax Rate 30% Production Budget: Batting Football Helmet Helmet Beginning Helmets Produced Available Sold Ending Direct Materials Budget (Units): Plastic Foam Lining Beginning Purchases Available Used Ending In Dollars...
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