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Simply Scarves, Inc. Date: April 11, 2011 To: Martie Kazura From: Simply Scarves, Inc. Executive Team Subject: Final Group Progress Report On April 9, Michael Butler, Natalie Crone, LeAnna Kaiser, and Nma Uche remained after class for a meeting at 4:00 pm in their Draper classroom. Their meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm. Based on previous work, the group discussed each of their individual assignments: Mr. Butler discussed his human resources portion of the oral presentation. In addition, he presented the deed and other necessary documents for review and inclusion in the project binder. Font difficulties, as brought up by Mr. Butler, were discussed and resolved Ms. Crone presented her portion of the documents for the binder, including applications and tax documents. She brought forward the idea of a trademark application, and it was decided to complete one for inclusion in the project binder. She also assisted in creating outlines of each
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Unformatted text preview: person’s presentation responsibilities. Ms. Kaiser gave an overview of her completed documents, and verified that all desired edits had been submitted. She also addressed issues from going through previous project binders and led discussion on the need for certain documents. Ms. Kaiser’s portion of the oral presentation was also reviewed and position changed to Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Uche gave feedback on the various presentation ideas. She formulated a plan to integrate physical examples into the oral presentation. Ms. Uche also began script writing for the presentation. On April 10, the group met for an hour and twenty minutes in Draper at 6:00 pm. All group members were present and discussed final aspects of the project and presentation....
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