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Simply Scarves, Inc. Executive Employment Agreement This executive employment agreement dated April 18, 2011 (the "agreement date"), is entered into between Simply Scarves, Inc. (the “Company”) and LeAnna Kaiser ("Executive") I. POSITION AND RESPONSIBILITIES . A. Position . As of the effective date, Executive shall be employed by the Company for the period of employment to render services to the Company in the position of Chief Financial Officer, reporting to the Senior Vice President and the General Manager. B. Other Activities . Except upon the prior written consent of the Company, Executive will not, during the period of employment, (i) accept any other employment, or (ii) engage, directly or indirectly, in any other business activity (whether or not pursued for pecuniary advantage) that might interfere with Executive's duties and responsibilities hereunder or create a conflict of interest with the Company. C. No Conflict . Executive represents and warrants that Executive's execution of this agreement, employment with the Company, and the performance of Executive's proposed duties under this agreement shall not violate any obligations Executive may have to any other employer, person or entity, including any obligations with respect to proprietary or confidential information of any other person or entity.
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Simply Scarves.EmploymentContract - Simply Scarves Inc...

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