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STUDY GUIDE FOR BUS 240 FINAL – CHAPTERS 19-24 Spring 2011 CHAPTER 19 Major Business Forms Partnerships* Limited Partnerships Special Business Forms Private Franchises CHAPTER 20 Corporate Nature and Classification Corporate Formation and Powers Corporate Ownership -- Shareholders Mergers and Acquisitions* CHAPTER 21 Securities Act of 1933 Registration Statement Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Outsiders and SEC Rule 1-B-5 Tipper/Tippee Theory CHAPTER 22
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Unformatted text preview: The Sherman Antitrust Act Section 1 of the Sherman Act Horizontal Restraints Vertical Restraints The Clayton Act Section 3 – Exclusionary Practices CHAPTER 23 Acquiring Ownership of Personal Property Gifts Inter Vivos and Gifts Causa Mortis Mislaid, Lost, and Abandoned Property* Insurance CHAPTER 24 Ownership Interests in Real Property Transfer of Ownership Landlord-Tenant Relationships* Environmental Law...
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