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BEREA COLLEGE Economics and Business Department DATE: January 28, 2011 TO: Martie Kazura FROM: LeAnna Kaiser Easterday RE: Memo Assignment #1 Our firm should manufacture shoes in Indonesia using the available work for $100 a month. The key factor is that this wage is better-than-average in the country. Other manufacturers have received bad publicity for this, due to their lack of informative marketing. To avoid this, our company will point out its “better than average local wages” stance and assurance of good
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Unformatted text preview: working conditions in the marketing campaign. In this way, the workers of Indonesia are benefitted by earning a wage they otherwise would have been denied. Customers who are human rights conscious should be more receptive and less negative with the correct information made available to them. The company benefits by increasing its profit margin while minimizing risk of bad publicity. This approach to ethics follows the utilitarianism theory....
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