GSTRExam3 - Final exam: only evolution added For the...

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Final exam: only evolution added For the Thursday (Dec. 2) exam, plan on three questions taken at random from the Unit II exam (so be sure to study the answer key), and 10-12 questions taken from the material covered since then (Chapters 17-23). Naturally, I will concentrate on those matters we thought important enough to discuss in class, in lab, or with homework, but will not be limited by them. Your book suggests the following terms to be worth knowing, and I agree: Exam 3 Study Guide Volcano: places where subsurface molten rock breaks through to Earth’s surface to form drastic short-term changes in the landscape. (17) Convergent plate boundary: A place where two tectonic plates are coming together. (17) Earthquake: Disturbance caused when stressed rock on Earth suddenly snaps, converting potential energy into released kinetic energy. (17) Subduction zone Plate tectonics Transform plate boundary Tectonic plates Hot spots Mantle convection Seismology Divergent plate boundary Reservoirs Climate Hydrologic cycle Jet stream Ice caps Rock cycle Glaciers Igneous rock Groundwater Volcanic rock Current Extrusive rock Ice age Intrusive rock Atmospheric cycle: The circulation of gasses near Earth’s surface, which includes the short-term variations of weather and the long-term variations of climate (18) Sedimentary rock Weather Metamorphic rock Ecology Ozone Layer Ecosystem Ozone hole Environment Air pollution: A serious environmental problem, w/immediate consequences for urban residents, from the emission of NO x compounds, sulfur dioxide, and hydrocarbons into the atmosphere (19).
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Ecological niche Acid Rain: A phenomenon that occurs when nitrogen and sulfur compounds in the air interact with water to
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GSTRExam3 - Final exam: only evolution added For the...

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