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Chapter_7_studyGuide - Chapter 7 Training Training(273...

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Chapter 7 – Training Training (273): planned effort to facilitate the learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior by employees. Person Analysis (277): process for determining whether employees need training, and whther employees are ready for training. Task Analysis (277): process of identifying tasks, knowledge, skills, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training. Strategic Training and Develop Initiatives (278): learning-related actions that a company takes to achieve its business strategy. Input 281: instructions that tell employees what, how, and when to perform; also the support they are given to help them perform. Output (281): job’s performance standards Feedback (281) information employees receive while they are performing concerning how well they are meeting objectives Motivation to Learn (285): desire of the trainee to learn the content of a training program. Self-Efficacy (286) employee’s belief that they can successfully learn the content of a training program.
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