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Chapter 8 Study Guide Performance management (pg 351) The means through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs are congruent with the organization’s goals. 3 parts: 1-define perf 2-measure perf 3- feedback on perf Performance appraisal (pg 351) Process through which an org gets info on how well an employee is doing his or her job. Performance Feedback (pg 351) Process of providing employees info regarding their performance effectiveness. Performance planning and evaluation (PPE) system (pg 354) Any system that seeks to tie the formal performance appraisal process the company’s strategies by specifying at the beginning of the evaluation period the types and level of performance that must be accomplished in order to achieve the strategy. Strategic congruence (pg 359) Extent to which the performance mngmt system elicits job performance that is consistent with the organization’s strategy, goals, and culture. Validity
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