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Chapter 10 Involuntary turn over 461:Initiated by organization (often by ppl who would prefer to stay) Voluntary turnover 461: Initiated by employees (often by whom the company would prefer to keep) Employment at will doctrine 462: In the absence of a specific contract, either an employer or employee could sever the employment relationship at any time. Procedural justice 465 concept of justice focusing on the methods used to determine the outcomes received. Interactional justice 465: Cncpt of justice referring to the interpersonal nature of how the outcomes were implemented. Alternative dispute resolution 467: Method of resolving disputes that doesn’t rely on the legal system. Often it proceeds through 4 stages of 1)open door policy 2)peer review 3)mediation 4)arbitration Employee assistance programs 468: Employer programs that attempt to fix problems encountered by workers who are drug dependent, alcoholic, or psychologically troubled.
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