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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Pay-structure (p 501): the relative pay of diff jobs (job structure) and how much they are paid (pay level). Job Structure (p 501): relative pay of jobs in an organization Efficiency wage theory (p 505): theory stating that wages influence worker productivity. People work harder if you pay them more (on a curve- after awhile it levels out) Key Jobs (p 506): benchmark jobs, used in pay surveys, that have relatively stable content and are common to many organizations. Nonkey Jobs (p 507): jobs that are unique to org and that can’t be directly valued or compared through the use of market surveys. Compensable factors (p 507): characteristics of jobs than at org values and chooses to pay for. Pay policy line (p 509): mathematical expression that describes the relat btwn a jobs pay and its job evaluation points Pay Grades (p 510): jobs of similar worth or content grouped together for pay administration purposes. There are ranges for each grade and they usually overlap to allow for being there a long time (at low pay grade, they...
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