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Chapter 14 Checkoff Provision (p 637): Union contract provision that requires an employer to deduct union dues from employee’s paychecks. Closed Shop (p 637): union security provision requiring a person to be a union member before being hired . Illegal under NLRA. Union Shop (p 637): union provision that requires person to join union w/in a certain amt of time after being hired. illegal Agency Shop (p 637): requires employee to pay union membership dues, but not to join the union. illegal Maintenance of Membership (p 637): members must remain members for a certain period of time (such as the length of the union contract). illegal Right-to-Work Laws (p 637): state laws that make union shops, maintenance of membership, and agency shops illegal. Taft-Hartley set it up. Can still have unions, just can’t require membership, Associate Union Membership (p 649): form of union membership where union receives dues in exchange for services, but doesn’t provide collective bargaining representation. Corporate Campaigns (p 650): union activities designed to exert public, financial, or political pressure on employers
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