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Chapter 15 Hofstede’s 5 Cultural Dimensions: (IPUML) Individualism-collectivism p 684: strength of the relation between individual & other indivs in society. Expected to look after their own interests & of immediate family vs. expected to look after interest of larger community. Power distance p 685: How culture deals w/hierarchical power relationships. Given that they all have them, how do people accept it- normal, or injustice. Higher = more acceptance of distance Uncertainty avoidance p 685 How cultures deal with an unpredictable future. Higher = uncomfortable with not knowing Masculinity-femininity p 685: Describes the division of roles between the sexes w/in a society. Higher = more Long-term/short-term p 685: how culture balances immediate benefits w/future rewards. Higher = more long term Parent country p 691: Country where company’s corporate headquarters is located. (where incorporated) Host country p 691: Country in which the parent country org seeks to locate or has already located a facility. Third country
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