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Chapter 16 Study Guide 1. The process of building an HR strategy, diagram p. 722 (5 steps) 1. Scan the external environment 2. Identify strategic business issues 3. Identify people issues 4. Develop HR strategy 5. Communicate the HR strategy 2. Audit approach p. 725: type of assessment of HRM effectiveness that involves review of customer satisfaction or key indicators (like turnover rate or average days to fill a position) related to an HRM functional area (such as recruiting or training)(Looks at the #s- averages, key ratios) 3. Analytic approach p. 727: Type of assessment of HRM effectiveness that involves determining the impact of, or the financial cost and benefits of, a program or practice. 4. Outsourcing p. 733: organization’s use of an outside org for a broad set of services. (Use search firm to hire trainers, etc) 5. Reengineering p. 734: Review and redesign of work processes to make them more efficient and improve the quality of the end product or service. 6.
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