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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide for Chapter 4 – The Analysis and Design of Work Work Flow Design (155): The process of analyzing the tasks necessary for the production of a product or service (before assigning tasks to job or person). Organizational Structure (155): relatively stable and formal network of vertical & horizontal interconnections among jobs that constitute the organization. Centralization (160): Degree to which decision-making authority is at the top of the org chart. Departmentalization (160): Degree to which work units are grouped based on functional similarity or similarity of work flow. Functional Structure (160): Functional departmentalization with high centralization. Organize by the skill set of workers (All marketing together, all finance together, etc.) Less duplication of work, less redundant, more efficiency, easier to manage. Divisional Structure (162): Divisional departmentalization with low centralization. Organize by output. Units act as self-sufficient. Able to customize, and be specific. (Can be product, geographic, or client structure).act as self-sufficient....
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