A man with a vision

A man with a vision - ANALYSIS Erin Dean looks at Barack...

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ANALYSIS always been a contentious issue. Opponents of the scheme argue that many Americans are happy with the system as it stands and warn that patients will lose choice as a result of reforms. Public insurance Supporters argue that change is needed to tackle the existing system’s inequalities. They propose a public insurance scheme for those without employer-provided cover. In fact, Democrats believe the situation for poorer people is getting worse as the recession hits the country hard. Many Americans receive insurance through their employers, so record levels of unemployment have Erin Dean looks at Barack Obama’s efforts to create a fairer healthcare system in the United States ‘Nurses believe strongly that health care is a right, not a privilege,’ says former RCN general secretary Beverly Malone, throwing her weight behind healthcare reform in the United States. Out of 300 million US citizens, there are 46 million without medical insurance. The plight of those without cover, and the election of Democrat Barack Obama as president, has pushed reform of healthcare provision to the top of the US political agenda. Dr Malone, an American nurse who returned to the US in 2007 to head the National League for Nursing (NLN), says the outlook is bleak for those without insurance: ‘It means that if you need care you have to give up your home, or whatever you have that is of worth.’ During his election campaign, Mr Obama vowed to introduce a system of health care that ‘lowers cost, promotes choice and provides coverage that every American can count on’. Now in the White House,
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A man with a vision - ANALYSIS Erin Dean looks at Barack...

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