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Health care reform What happens now - Publ Policy Health...

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Health care reform: What happens now? Health Care Reform Implementation Team A t the end of last March, the President signed the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," better known as health care reform. We at the Society and our colleagues in national health- care coalitions will be answering questions about what the new law means and how it works for a long time to come. Some regulations and protec- tions are kicking in this year, although most begin in 2014 and some even later. Answers to some of the questions people are asking. : Is insurance also avail- children with MS—or other conditions? Yes. By January 1, 2014, no health insurance plan can refiise applicants who have pre-existing conditions. Right now, this rule applies to everyone under age 18. Q o. : I have MS and am uninsured. Can I now huy an individual health insurance policy? Yes, if you have been without insurance for six months or more. Uninsured people with pre-existing conditions may use temporary high-risk pools. In most states they opened July 1, 2010. These pools will provide insurance until 2014. Although the pools are gov- ernment financed, premiums may be high until more signifi- cant federal subsidies take effect through the National Health Benefit Exchanges in 2014. Still, these temporary pools mean no one can be refused insurance because of MS or any other condition. : What does the new law do to~Medicare henefits? There are no reductions in benefits provided by traditional a new emphasis on Wellness. As of January 1, 2011, co- pays and déductibles for preven- tive care will be eliminated and Medicare will cover a free annual check-up. Publ Policy S : What happens to Medi- dvantage plan.s? Medicare Advantage plans— also called Private Medicare, Medicare HMOs, Managed Care Medicare, or Medicare Part C—may change. Some federal payments for Medi- care Advantage plans will be reduced. It is uncertain how these insurance providers will respond. Should you see a premium
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Health care reform What happens now - Publ Policy Health...

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