U.S. health care and the first four

U.S. health care and the first four - EYE ON WASHINGTON Jim...

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EYE ON WASHINGTON Jim Alexander U.S. health care and the first four months of Obama Now that the new occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been decided, it's a good time to take stock of what the new administration will mean to the healthcare industry, and particularly providers. Let's take a look at the prospects, for the short term—say. within the first four months after the Ohama team is in place—drawing from the presi-^ dent-elect's campaign platform (www.harack obama.com/pdf/issues/HealthCareFullPlan.pdf). If you've been following the news from the HFMAand other sources over recent months about Congressional hearings, the leanings of the department of Health and Human Services Services (CMS), and tbe discussions of tbe Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, most ofthe points of Ohama's plan will sound familiar. Tbe ideas have heen out there: absent from the scene have been the champions. The Obama plan sets forth three hroad ohjectives for tbe nation's healthcare system: > To reduce costs so the system will "work for people and husinesses—not just insurance companies" > To provide "affordable, accessible coverage options for all" > To promote prevention and strengthen public ' health Cost Reduction Initiatives To meet the first of these ohjectives, Ohama's plan focuses on four strategic areas, each of which is likely to see some action over the short term. Invest in electronic health IT systems. A no brainer? Ohama spoke often of applying technology used in his campaign to make government function more efficiently and effectively. Congress has a track record of taking an interest in IT as an essential means for our healthcare system to come closer to its potential. Although legislation is unlikely to he passed in sbort order (it may have to wait for the administrative processes and adjustments ofthe next Congress), look for positive action here sooner, rather than later. Representative Pete Stark (D Calif.) introduced his "Health e Information Technology Act of 3008" on Sept. 15, to add to the already - building momentum. Improve access to prevention and proven disease
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U.S. health care and the first four - EYE ON WASHINGTON Jim...

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