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Ch._4_Study_Guide - Rationalizations of Unethical...

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Chap 4 Ethics, Ethical Behavior -90 The Alternative Views of Ethics -92 -Utilitarian -Individualism -Moral Rights -Justice Cultural Relativism vs. Universalism -93 Ethical dilemma -94 Whether you should cheat or not Kohlberg’s preconventional level of moral development -96 Preconventional Conventional Postconventional
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Unformatted text preview: Rationalizations of Unethical Behavior -98 Whistleblower -100 Immoral, Amoral, and Moral Managers -103 Corporate Social Responsibility -105 Classical View -107 Socioeconomic View -107 Social Responsibility Strategies -109 Obstructionist Defensive Accommodative Proactive Corporate Governments -109...
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