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Chapter 8 The difference between Competitive and Sustainable Competitive Advantage (pg. 207) What is a strategy (pg. 207) What are the three levels of strategy? (Pg. 208) What are the major elements in the strategic management process? (pg 209) What’s a SWOT analysis? (pg. 212) What are core competencies? (Pg. 213) What is Porter’s Five Forces Model? (pg. 214)
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Unformatted text preview: What is a strategic alliance? (pg. 218) What is a globalization strategy? (pg. 218) What is a multi-domestic strategy? (pg. 218) What a transnational strategy (pg. 218) What is a BCG matrix? (pg. 220) What is a differentiation strategy? (pg. 222) What is Strategic Control? (pg. 226) What is Strategic Leadership? (pg. 227)...
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