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Chapter 15 What is the difference between effective and efficient communication? Page 407 Effective: Occurs when the intended meaning of the sender is identical to the interpreted meaning of the receiver. Efficient: Occurs at a minimum resource cost. Potential trade-offs between effectiveness and efficiency must be recognized. How is noise a communication barrier? Page 408. It interferes with the effectiveness of the communication process. Sources of noise in communication: Poor choice of channels. Poor written or oral expression. Failure to recognize nonverbal signals. Physical distractions. Status effects. What is nonverbal communication? Page 409 Nonverbal communication takes place through gestures, facial expressions, body posture, eye contact, and use of interpersonal space. What is management by wandering around? Page 415 Managers spend time outside their
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Unformatted text preview: offices to meet & talk with workers at all levels. What is a mixed message? Page 410 occur when a person’s words and nonverbal signals communicate different things. What is the bargaining zone? Page 422 the space between one party’s minimum reservation point and the other party’s maximum reservation point. What are proxemics? Page 413 the use of interpersonal space to communicate, an important nonverbal cue. Workspace layout is often overlooked as a form of nonverbal communication but is being increasingly recognized for its impact on communication and behavior. What is the difference between mediation: Involves a neutral third party who tries to improve communication between negotiating parties and keep them focused on relevant issues. and arbitration? (424): Involves a neutral third party who acts as a judge and issues a binding decision....
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