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Chapter_16_Study_Guide - Chapter 16 Difference between...

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Chapter 16 Difference between Leadership: The process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks. you want done or make things happen the way you want. One of the 3 types of Position Power (p. 435-436). Reward power: Capability to offer something of value. Coercive power: Capability to punish or withhold positive outcomes. Legitimate power: Organizational position or status confers the right to control those in subordinate positions What is a charismatic leader (p. 446)? Develop special leader-follower relationships and inspire others in extraordinary ways. What is Empowerment (p.437)? The process through which managers enable others to gain and use decision-making power. Effective leaders empower others by providing them with: Information. Responsibility. Authority. Trust. Give two examples of Leadership Traits and describe them (p. 438). Drive: successful leaders have high energy, display initiative, and are tenacious
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