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Kaiser 1 LeAnna Kaiser BUS 315: Management Dr. Roselli Personal Development Plan Identify Major Goals for 5 years Work in public relations as a manager/specialist. Integrating aspects of marketing (education) and journalism (work experience) to “advance the interests of an organization or cause by developing an active relationship with (and support from) such groups as customers, employees, donors, investors, suppliers, public interest groups, government officials and agencies, community/national leaders, minorities etc.” (SIGI 3) Identify Requirements/Competencies (All requirements from job descriptions from Career Builder, Monster, and Cummins Communication unless otherwise noted) In order to reach my goals in the upcoming five years, I will need to meet several technical, professional, interpersonal and communication requirements. Researching to find the requirements for my main goals, I looked at information on marketing jobs on general websites as well as job search sites. Technical: Bachelor's degree required, preferably in public relations, business, journalism, communications, etc. 5+ experience in the Public Relations field Strong writing and analytical skills Crisis management skills Ability to conduct research, and make decisions accordingly Ability to keep up with developments in the field (be a constant student) Ability to manage multiple projects in a creative and effective manner Maintain integrated marketing communications (ANA) Strategize and execute regional social media efforts Maintain media kits Knowledge of computer graphics, layout and design Some background in business and finance important for managing investor relations and serving as spokesperson on corporate/business issues Possible required accreditation by the Public Relations Society of America o 5 years+ experience in the field & pass a comprehensive 6-hour examination (5 hours written, 1 hour oral) (PRSA) Possible required accreditation by the International Association of Business Communicator as a designated Accredited Business Communicator o 5 years experience in a communication field and pass a written and oral exam (IABC) Professional: Comfortable with public speaking Ability to properly represent clients Staying in touch with public opinion
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Kaiser 2 Interpersonal: Interpersonal-Crisis management skills Ability to coach subordinates as well as higher levels of management Self-confidence, enthusiasm, and curiosity Ability to perform well under pressure Good judgment, initiative, and creativity Strong moral code—may be presented with ethical dilemmas and have to give unpopular advice Ability to coordinate work with others Ability to supervise and direct groups and individuals Communication: Comfortable with public speaking Continual approach to learning about external and internal environment Ability to coach both subordinates and higher levels of management
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KaiserL.DevelopmentPlan - Kaiser 1 LeAnna Kaiser BUS 315...

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